1/4 Beef (Mixed - 170-188lbs.)

The quarter cuts of beef typically include the following: T-Bone Steak (6-8 x 3/4" steaks), Rib Eye Steak (6-8 x 3/4" steaks), Sirloin Steak (3-4 x 3/4" steaks), Round Steak (4 x 1/2" steaks), Chuck Roast (1-2 x 3 lbroasts), Shoulder Roast (1-2 x 3 lb roasts), Rump Roast (1-2 x 3 lb roasts), Sirloin Tips (1-2 x 3lb packages), Stew Meat (2-3 lbs), Short Ribs 1 x 3 pieces), Ground Beef (40 x 1 lb packages). Cut, wrapped in a double-layer (plastic and butcher paper) and butcher paper. This beef was raised on grass and forage for the majority of its life, and supplemented with grass-alphalpha hay, food grade barley and pea pellets for the last 2 months.

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